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We are excited to announce that we have listed a new line of premium spices and mixes from A Spice Affair, into Ontario grocery stores.

We fell in love with the flavours offered by them the moment we smelled them, and we love their beliefs. To quote them;

we believe that every human deserves to eat delicious, nutritious, clean food starting with the most fundamental of ingredients: spices.


Made in Montreal, A Spice Affair launched in 2016 by Ayman Saifi, a 4th generation spice merchant. The more we spoke with Ayman, the more we felt his passion for spices.


What We Love About A Spice Affair

  • natural ingredients
  • no chemicals
  • preservative-free
  • vegan
  • non-GMO
  • no-MSG

The spice mixes are simple to use transforming even the most novice home cook into a seasoned professional. Seriously, using their guacamole mix, you can have the freshest guacamole on your table in 2 minutes!

Look for A Spice Affair blends in these grocery stores:

Your Independent GrocerRehan’s, Parker’s, Andress’ and Oreilly’s.

ValumartBruno’s and Moore’s.

No Frills

Battaglia’s Market Place


Frsh and Wild

La Belle Fromage