Sanamaria Food Services is your dedicated sales team. We diligently work with our established store connections to get local food brands, such as you, listed and on the shelves of grocery stores across Ontario.

We are a knowledgeable, experienced sales team and we are excited to help food entrepreneurs get their products into the market.

We May Be a Good Fit if…

You have an amazing food product but you don’t know how to get listed in stores. That’s where we excel and help get your product listed in stores across Ontario so you can make more sales and focus on growing your company and improving your delicious food product.

Below, you’ll find reasons why it’s difficult for food entrepreneurs to get listed in stores and how we can help you overcome that obstacle.

You Don’t Have Time

We hear that time is an issue from many food entrepreneurs.

Between perfecting your product, deciding on the packaging design, cost analysis, and all the other things involved, you don’t have time to travel to stores, drop off samples, pitch your product to store owners or managers, and follow up with them to get orders hopefully.

This is what you hire us to do. And we do it exceptionally well.

Having your food product represented by Sanamaria Food Services adds instant credibility in the minds of store owners and managers.

You Don’t Know How To Get Listed

The process of getting listed isn’t easy. If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this and your product would already be in stores.

Once you hire us, we will contact all of our established store contacts and begin the process of delivering samples and presenting your product to get listed in stores.

You Don’t Know The Right People

Other times, food entrepreneurs don’t know the right people to connect with in order to introduce their products.

Many stores won’t consider new food products unless they know and trust the person introducing them.

We have established trust and credibility with our store contacts, allowing us to introduce your product to major grocery stores across Ontario.

You Have a Limited Budget

Budget is always a concern for any entrepreneur, whether it is a food product or not.

Sanamaria Food Services is your affordable, full-service remote sales team. We introduce your product into stores and check on them regularly to maximize sales.

We have established relationships with hundreds of stores across Ontario.

If you think we would work well together, reach out and start the conversation.